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Twin Shadow

When I first heard Twin Shadow, I was struck at not only George Lewis Jr’s baritone melodic voice, but the heavy synth nodes that take hold of the song and don’t let go. My first thought when hearing Twin Shadow ironically was “if I were Batman, I would totally cruise to this around Gotham City in my Batmobile.” However, songs like “When We’re Dancing” hit 80s themes making it feel like you are going to prom with a big puffy dress. In either situation, Twin Shadow has the ability to take you different places with each song. Their 2010 album Forget and their 2012 album Confess are magic carpet rides of nostalgia as well as modern day independent rock.

“When We’re Dancing” – Forget

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“Five Seconds” – Confess

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Twin Shadow’s front man and songwriter George Lewis Jr. was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Florida. He started Twin Shadow as a bedroom recording project in Brooklyn. His first album Forget was produced by Grizzly Bear’s bassist Chris Taylor and released on his label Terrible Records in 2010. His latest album Confess was released this month by 4AD